Buildings and Related

The photo galleries below exhibit a few of the home related building projects that I have completed.

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Home addition: Footprint – 1,250 sq ft; new living space and connected garage, both with 2 floors;  Robert Levangie – assistant. Maine, USA


Home Addition: Footprint –  1,500 sq ft; new living space.  Work performed in collaboration with Kristen Grover; Robert Levangie – assistant.  Maine, USA


Boat Barn: Footprint – 1,200 sq ft.  Maine, USA


Boat Barn: Footprint – 1,800 sq ft.  Maine, USA


Stair design and construction – 3D Modeling – Framing Stage – Maine, USA

murphy stairs all scr 2019-01-14 at 1.46.03 pm


Historic Cornice Renovation


Architectural Sculpture: Designed, sculpted, molded and cast in Winterstone by Basha Olson.  I assisted in the various stages.  Approximately 5’H x 9’W.  Shown below prior to new stucco.  Maine, USA


Commercial office addition: 400 sq ft.  Maine, USA


Commercial Cupola construction: 4 @ 4’x4’x4′.  Maine, USA


Window Restorations – 1800’s – Maine, USA